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Asian Studies

Asian Studies strives to maintain a balance between the humanities and social sciences, and between ‘full-blooded’ science and ‘science for society’.

On the one hand, Asian Studies supports research programmes that address societal questions relevant to present-day Asian societies while paying attention to both current and historical trends. On the other, the Institute also favours research that unravels complex processes and provides points of impact for renewal and improvement, in such areas as linguistics, literature, music and arts, media, history, and so on.

Asian Studies research is characterised by the facilitation of researchers and the thematic flexibility regarding long-term programmes, welcoming different academic disciplines and regional specialisations.

The Institute’s network provides researchers and their projects an opportunity to ‘embed’ in an international, academic and non-academic, environment. Moreover, Bringing together scholars and practitioners, Asian Studies stimulates a multi-sector, multidisciplinary approach to the study of Asia.

Asian Studies with ISSN no. 0970-7301 is a Multi-Disciplinary Journal of Asian Political, Economic, Cultural Affair and Natural and Human Resources. Asian Studies, a bi-Annual UGC Approved Journal. Send papers for publication to

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